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Leader Year-End Roundup

Reader Elmer sends today's front-page article [pdf] (and jump [pdf]) looking back at the 29th race.

The article pins Massa's victory on a combination of hard campaigning and Kuhl mis-steps, and it's worth a read.

Massa on Infrastructure Investments

Today's D&C has a roundup of area politicians talking about next year's projects and legislation.

Eric Massa mentions a few projects he'd like to see, including an east-side water project in Rochester, high-speed rail, more broadband, and a better Irondequoit Bay bridge.

With the incoming Obama administration promising a $650-850 billion infrastructure package, Massa will be in the position of doling out billions of dollars of government money in the next couple of years. Forget about a few million dollars in earmarks -- federal infrastructure spending in the next couple of years is going to dwarf anything seen since the Great Depression.

Redistricting: Only One Seat Lost?

Election Data Services, a non-partisan consulting firm, has released a new study projecting the loss of a single House seat by New York in 2012. As this analysis shows, last year's EDS report predicted a sure loss of two seats by New York.

The anticipated number of seats lost has a huge impact on the future of the 29th district, and Eric Massa. Since Western New York has lost population while downstate has gained, it's almost certain that redistricting will lead to fewer, and geographically larger, districts in this area. In the 2002 redistricting, three "Republican seats" were created: NY-29, 25 and 26. Today, two of those seats are held by Democrats. With Democrats in charge of the Legislature, it's hard to imagine a plan that leaves any Western New York seats to Republicans.

(via Philip at The Albany Project)

Massa's Committee Preferences

Here's a list of Freshman committee preferences. According to the list, Massa "is interested in the Armed Services Committee, given his experience as a former staffer on the committee. Massa would also like a seat on the Agriculture Committee."

I've seen interest from Massa in the Transportation and Agriculture Committees, but this is the first I've heard about Armed Services, though it makes a lot of sense, given Massa's background. Veterans' Affairs is another possibility.

(Via Rochesterturning)

Massa in the Paper

Eric Massa has an op-ed in today's Star-Gazette.

Massa is quoted in a Corning Leader story about the shortage of large-animal veterinarians. Apparently, nobody wants to go into a job that requires a better GPA and test scores than being a physician, yet barely pays enough to make ends meet.

Massa on Tribal Issues

Eric Massa wants to replace cigarette revenue lost by the Seneca tribe, and also get a road built across their territory, according to Rick Miller's story in the Olean Times-Herald.

Kuhl's Office Evacuated

Randy Kuhl's DC office was evacuated today because of a steam valve leak. This cries out for some kind of hot air joke, but since it is the season of giving, two days until the festival of lights, and a week until we all light the kinara, I will refrain.

GM Event in Words and Pictures

Michael Parks was kind enough to send this photo of Eric Massa at yesterday's GM event. Bob Clark at the Hornell Evening Tribune also filed a story on Massa's visit.

Eric Massa (c) Michael Parks

Massa and the Bailout

Julie Sherwood at the Messenger-Post has a few more details on Massa's support of the automaker bailout. Like yesterday's coverage, the centerpiece is Massa's trip to the GM R&D facility in Honeoye Falls.

Massa's rationale for supporting the automaker bailout centers on breaking our dependence on fossil fuels and bringing jobs to the district. The Honeoye Falls plant, which specializes in "green technology" like fuel cells, is a great backdrop for that message.

Massa's message is a preview of coming attractions from the Democrats, because they need to sell the auto bailout to a skeptical public. As this analysis shows, polling on the automaker rescue is running roughly 55/45 against.

Massa Visits GM R&D Facility

Eric Massa visited the Honeoye Falls GM plant and drove a fuel-cell vehicle there. Rnews and Syracuse News 10 covered the event.

Massa also announced his support of the GM bailout, saying that it will save jobs and the environment.

Massa's Committees

Yesterday's Hornell Evening Tribune story and a story in today's Star-Gazette about Eric Massa's preparations both mention that his goal is to serve on the Agriculture Committee. The S-G also reports that Massa would also like to serve on the Transportation Committee. Randy Kuhl served on both of those committees.

Massa's Preparations

Bob Clark at the Hornell Evening Tribune writes about Eric Massa's plans for his new offices. Massa will have district offices in Olean, Corning and the Rochester area, with about 15 total staff.

While Massa is preparing to take over, Randy Kuhl's staff is directing calls for assistance to Chuck Schumer's office.