The Fighting 29th - RocWriters Posts added to the RocWriters feed. en The Briar Patch Eric Massa's trip to Washington in a fuel cell vehicle is still making the news, as intended. The Democrat and Chronicle has a story on the trip today. National blogs, including this green warrior and these right-wingers, are running to their fainting couches because two vehicles were involved in the trip. They're shocked and appalled that a R&D prototype running on experimental fuel doesn't work as well as the family minivan.

I'm sure Eric Massa, who freely acknowledges that the trip was a publicity stunt, is reading all this and smiling. In addition to getting more publicity, he has the opportunity to defend a district employer against outside critics.

The 29th has lost jobs and population for decades. Massa beat a heavily favored incumbent by convincing voters that he would fight harder to create jobs. His campaign was full of creative stunts designed to show that he's a fighter, and only those who don't understand the politics of the district would think he'd stop once he was elected.

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