Archive (2008)

Morning News: Mailer and Leadership

Rochesterturning has images of Kuhl's new gas mailer. Anyone who hasn't seen the mailer should take a careful look.

Being a Member of Congress has always been an eternal campaign, and over the years we've all become accustomed to abuse of the franking privilege by incumbents. Even at that, this one surprises me. It's indistinguishable from campaign literature. It's completely partisan, and full of falsehoods. The main claim Kuhl makes is that drilling and refinery-building that will take at least a decade to come online will immediately affect the price of gas.

In other incumbent news, the Corning Leader reports on a leadership conference attended by Kuhl and other Southern Tier incumbents in Elmira.

Hoo-Rah Magic Bus

The Bush Legacy Bus Tour's stop at Randy Kuhl's Fairport office got some local media attention from WETM and the Messenger-Post.

The Messenger-Post story is long and detailed, and includes a video showing the inside of the bus along with some local reaction.

Energy Mailer and Analysis

Dr. Denny at Scholars and Rogues has a long takedown of Randy Kuhl's latest energy mailer. I haven't seen the mailer, but it includes an energy plan that relies almost completely on new drilling and refining, and is based on completely specious arithmetic.

For example, his plan assumes $.70-$1.60 reduction in the per-gallon cost of gas from drilling in ANWR and other domestic sources. But the Department of Energy says that ANWR could reduce oil prices by $.75 per barrel.

Denny also looks at the Republican Energy Bill supported by Rep. Kuhl. It contains provisions like the following:

Prohibits the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from denying an application for nuclear waste disposal on the grounds of present or future insufficient capacity.

The whole piece is worth a read. If I get the mailer, I'll scan it and post it.