About the Fighting29th

This blog started as a campaign blog covering the 2006 race for New York's 29th Congressional District. That race was the tightest in the short history of the district, with incumbent Randy Kuhl barely retaining his seat in the face of a spirited challenge by Eric Massa. The Fighting29th provided original reporting and research, as well as analysis of other media, during the campaign.

Following Massa's 2006 defeat, he almost immediately announced his candidacy for the seat in 2008. The Fighting29th has continued to cover the race, and expanded coverage to include media critique and more thorough analysis of Randy Kuhl's earmarks and voting record.

After Massa's victory in 2008, the Fighting29th continues by covering Massa's work in Congress.

About Rottenchester

Rottenchester is the pen name of a resident of the 29th who enjoys his privacy. Rottenchester also maintains CongressDB, which analyzes the voting records of the Congress and Senate. He's also a contributor to RocWiki, a community-edited site for and about Rochester.

Rottenchester is a registered Democrat who attempts to keep the reporting on The Fighting 29th "fair and balanced", whatever that means.