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Debate Videos

In case you missed it in the comments, the Zeller campaign is posting the full videos of all the debates on their YouTube channel. That's a great public service and they deserve respect and appreciation from all sides for doing it.

Zeller Candidate Time

Here's Matt Zeller's candidate free time on WXXI in Rochester:

Reed's Ads

Here are Tom Reed's first two TV ads. Both are similar, and similar to Zeller's. The two candidates are just trying to form a positive impression and increase name recognition.

The Zeller Raw Feed

Sean Carroll of 13-WHAM has posted the full video of his interview with Matt Zeller.

Reed on Fracking

Reader David sends Tom Reed's weekly video. In it, Reed sets out his position on hydrofracking. Reed wants tough regulation, a lifetime ban on drillers that violate environmental regulations, he opposes storage of wastewater in wells, and he would like to see communities get involved with the recycling/treatment of hydrofracking fluid.

Reed's position is pretty sensible, and I don't see a whole lot of light between him and Massa in the big picture. One issue that Massa has raised and Reed didn't address is royalties. New York's mandated royalties are quite low, according to Massa.

Reed's video is embedded after the break:

Pulteney Meeting Video

Reader Groundhum sends this video of the entire Pulteney meeting. It's really well done -- it has a bookmark section so you can find each of the speakers.

Groundhum also sends a link to this Arizona Star article which is a AP story about hydrofracking pollution in Pennsylvania. The last fracking story in the Democrat and Chronicle was three weeks ago.

Cheney as Punching Bag

I was walking through Wegmans this evening and noticed that the Brighton-Pittsford post had this Massa/Cheney story on the top of the front page, with a big picture of Massa.

Massa's appearance on MSNBC's Ed Show, which I've included after the break, got a lot of attention in local and national blogs and political press, but I hadn't seen any local mention of it until today. Massa accused Cheney of suffering from "political Tourette's". Until the inevitable backlash from Tourette's suffers materializes, Massa seems to be getting some unexpected local mileage from his statement.

Cheney's poll numbers are so bad that most people wouldn't trust anything the guy has to say directly, save perhaps for his advice on picking a cardiologist. But many of his national security positions are still echoed in talking points used by a number of Republicans. It will be interesting to see if Massa goes further with this critique and links Cheney's positions to Reed's, which sometimes sound quite similar.

Hit "read more" for the video if you haven't seen it yet:

Massa on Gaddafi

Eric Massa appeared on MSNBC to discuss Moammar Gaddafi's presence in the US. Video after the break.

Morning News: Local Papers and Fox Video

Today's Corning Leader story lays out what Massa would like to see in a healthcare bill. The Star-Gazette coverage includes Tom Reed's response.

On yesterday's Fox and Friends, Massa appeared with Wyoming Senator John Barasso to discuss healthcare reform. Video after the break.

More Editorials and Video

Today's Star-Gazette editorial gives Massa "a lot of credit" for having open town-hall meetings rather than one-on-ones.

Speaking of town halls, Rochesterturning has a couple more videos of last week's meeting.

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