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Leader Endorses Massa

Reader Elmer sends the Corning Leader's endorsement [pdf] of Eric Massa.

It's a busy morning and there are a lot of endorsements to report. I want to single this one out not only because it is an unexpected move by a conservative paper, but also because it is almost completely issue-based. When you consider the candidates solely on the main issues of the day, the Leader argues, Massa is the most conservative.

The opinion page also includes Joe Dunning's column. In addition to being tired of political ads, Dunning highlights Kuhl's "prevent defense", asking "Is it possible to win a campaign by avoiding voters?"

New Kuhl Ad: Blueprint

The Kuhl campaign has released a new TV ad, which is embedded below:

Leader Editorial: "Kuhl's Decision Should Damage Him Politically"

Today's Corning Leader editorial [pdf], courtesy of reader Elmer, expresses the Leader's dissatisfaction with Kuhl's rejection of the WETM/Leader debate invitation.

Citing the 2006 debate where Kuhl's response on Katrina received some laughs from the audience, the Leader notes:

The question that has to be asked is, if Kuhl is shaken by a few laughing audience members, how would he react in a true crisis?

It also appears as if Kuhl is afraid to face questions he hasn't prepared for ahead of time.

13-WHAM Will Host a Debate

Sean Carroll at 13-WHAM has announced that WHAM will be taping a debate between Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa on October 10. The debate may be streamed live over the Internet, excerpts of the debate will appear on newscasts, and it will be available for viewing in its entirety on the 13-WHAM website.

October 10 was the date for the now-canceled WETM/Leader debate.

Carroll believes that this is the only "confirmed" debate between the two candidates. As of last week, the candidates were to appear at a forum in Chemung County on October 26, and at an in-studio debate at R-News on October 28. We'll see if those dates hold.

Robo Call

I just got robo-called by "Working Families Win." The call tried to tie Randy Kuhl to the current economic crisis. It said he had taken "over $300,000" from Wall Street interests, and that the policies he supported put working families retirement at risk. It also noted that Kuhl will receive "a guaranteed pension at taxpayers expense." The call ended with Kuhl's office number.

More Requests for Apologies

Joe Spector has coverage of the latest apology request in the campaign. Randy Kuhl wants Eric Massa to apologize for not noting that the reason Kuhl chose not to attend Monday night's WXXI debate was that Congress is in session starting at 6:30 p.m. next Monday.

Massa Press Conference: Abbreviated Version

Today's Massa press conference was well-attended and lengthy. Julie Sherwood at the Messenger-Post has already filed her take on both Massa's and Kuhl's press conference. My abbreviated report continues below.

Afternoon Opinion: Leader, Gannett

Reader Elmer sends today's Corning Leader Editorial Page [pdf], which includes Bob Rolfe's column on Randy Kuhl's voting record, as well as a couple Letters to the Editor on the 29th race.

Reader Justin sends a link to a Joe Spector blog post on the race. It concerns Charlie Rangel, who held a fundraiser for Massa earlier this year.

Spector also posts on today's Kuhl ad and Kuhl's refusal to debate in Bath.

Another Kuhl Ad

Kuhl's latest ad accuses Massa of starting negative attacks. It's embedded after the break:

More Debate Cancellation Coverage

Reader Tom sends the Star-Gazette and Corning Leader [gif] (jump [gif]) stories on the Bath debate cancellation.

Susan Multer of the League of Women Voters is quoted in the Star-Gazette:

"It's a sad day for democracy when elected officials are unwilling to
participate in local candidate forums," Multer said. "It shows great
disrespect for the public for a congressman to take five months and a
state senator to take six weeks to tell the sponsoring organization
that they will not participate and give no reason."

Update: WETM also has a debate story.

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