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It's Huge, I Tell Ya

Reader Rich pointed out the attachment [excel spreadsheet] to this press release, which details the stimulus targeted at the 29th.

The breath and depth of the money that will be poured into the 29th by the current stimulus bill makes your average list of earmarks look like chump change. Here are a few that caught my eye:

  • Half a billion dollars for electronic medical records in New York State.
  • $7.1 million for an East Rochester school construction project.
  • $30 million for Monroe County water treatment.

The list goes on and on. The national media is treating us to a diffuse and ill-defined discussion of "pork". The list that Massa's office released is nothing but real money for important projects, and after all the fussing and fighting is done, I think it will play well in the 29th district.

Telephone Town Meeting

Those who aren't reading via a RSS reader have probably noticed the new left sidebar. It has recent Congressional votes, Eric Massa's YouTube feed, and all the press releases that the Massa office emails me.

I'm still not satisfied with the vote feed but I'll leave it for now. Also, I stripped telephone numbers and email addresses from the Massa press releases, since there's no need for Google to splatter cell phone numbers all over the Internet. One of the side effects of this is that the press release about Massa's telephone town meetings is missing the dial-in number. Here are the details:

WHAT: U.S. Rep. Eric Massa will hold “Telephone Town Hall Meeting”
WHEN: Thursday, February 5th, 6:00 - 7:00 pm
DIAL-IN: (877) 229-8493
CODE: 14608

Stimulus and Vets

Today's Star-Gazette has an item on the impact of stimulus payments on the district.

Veterans Today has a report on Massa's meeting at the VA Hospital in Canandaigua.

Update: Reader Elmer sends today's front-page story [pdf] (and jump [pdf]), which also details the expected stimulus payments in the district.

Morning News: Stimulus and VA Visit

Reader Elmer sends Eric Massa's Corning Leader Op-Ed [pdf] about the stimulus package. Part of Massa's defense of the package includes a list of all the money it will bring into the district.

The Messenger-Post and R-News both have stories on Massa's visit to the Canandaigua VA hospital. The visit was timed to coincide with the announcement of Massa's co-sponsorship of three pieces of legislation related to current and former members of the military.