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Comparing F-Buddies

Fundraising season is in high gear, and both candidates are rolling out the big guns to help them raise the bucks they need to saturate the airwaves after Labor Day. Let's check out Randy and Eric's fundraising buddies (f-buddies for short).

I sure hope Randy is practicing safe fundraising with his f-buddy, John Boehner, because, according to this Washington Post article, "Boehner has had his share of taint". Boehner's famous for handing out tobacco lobbying checks on the floor of the House. This time the money changed hands at a fundraiser in Horseheads.

Randy's choice of Boehner as a f-buddy is predictable, and bringing in the majority leader to raise money does nothing to dispel the stench of hack that permeates the Kuhl campaign. But choosing Horseheads as a location for the fundraiser was smart, because it kept Randy out of the more liberal and less sympathetic Rochester media. This one-night stand should be forgotten quickly by everyone except Randy's campaign treasurer.

Eric's choice of f-buddy is his old boss, Wes Clark. Eric and Wes managed to make this a fundraising two-fer, because Clark's visit coincided with Randy's moronic attempt to bolt-on some gravitas by traveling to Iraq. Eric and Wes were able to get some coverage to remind voters that they own this issue. As for the rest of Clark's visit, I won't ask if he won't tell.

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