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Hedging Their Bets

The New York State AFL-CIO  endorsed Eric Massa during their convention today.   An endorsement is great, but what about the money?  As of the end of the last reporting period (June 30), it looks like Massa's gotten precisely nothing from this union.

When Massa finally gets his donation, I wonder if it will be more than the $4500 that AFL-CIO unions have given Kuhl during this cycle.  And I'll let someone else explain how giving almost $5K to a Bush loyalist freshman helps the union cause -- that's way beyond my abilities.

The AFL-CIO isn't the only union putting money in Randy's pocket.  Since he sits on the the Education and Commerce and Transportation and Infrastructure committees, which control a lot of legislation that affects government employees, he also got $1000 from AFSCME, the state and county employees union. 

That $1000 is a bit of an anomoly for AFSCME, which also happens to be the top all-time political donor of the last 18 years.  Historically , they've given 98% of their money to Democrats.  That's a pretty light hedge compared to the AFL-CIO, which has so far given 11% of its donations to Republicans in the current cycle.

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