Money Update

Today's Washington Post has a front-page story about the effectiveness of Democratic fundraising in contested congressional elections.  Challengers in general are doing much better this year than in '04.  This pattern is true in the 29th, where Eric Massa has so far raised almost 80% of what Kuhl's last challenger, Sam Barend, collected during her entire campaign.

The Post story is based on second-quarter fundraising reports.  Kuhl and Massa have both held major fundraising events this quarter, but we won't know how they're doing until the FEC third-quarter pre-primary reports are released, sometime after the October 15 deadline August 31 filing date (fixed - thanks to Massaman).


I was understanding that they had to report their primary stats on the 23rd, as mentioned by the Swing State Project. And Kuhl has a strong lead on fundraising, no? From the Netroots page, it looks like Massa has raised close to 20K since the start of this quarter, no?

Missed the primary deadline. I fixed the post. Thanks.

Kuhl does have a lead, as I've posted earlier. But Massa is outraising Kuhl's last opponent, which is consistent with the WashPo story, and I think an important indicator.