MoveOn Dumps on Kuhl

Randy Kuhl will be one of three incumbent Republican congressmen targeted by's newest ad campaign.  The ad shows a truck dumping money in the desert while the narrator asks what happened to the $300 billion spent in Iraq, and points out that Kuhl has voted for all of the Iraq spending bills.  It ends by portraying Kuhl in grainy black-and-white with an airbrushed "red hand".

MoveOn's media buy in the 29th is 700 gross points, which, according to this reference, means that the average television viewer in the district will see the ad seven times.  A similar ad will also be aired in New Hampshire's 2nd and New York's 20th districts, which, like the 29th, are also rated "lean Republican" by the Cook Political Report.

MoveOn ran another similar ad in four other districts in June.  One of those districts, Indiana's 2nd, was moved from "lean Republican" to "toss up" by Cook in his latest report.

Update:  According to the AP, MoveOn is spending $76,000 on those ads in the 29th.  That's equal to almost half of the cash Massa had on hand at the end of June.