The Massa-Murtha Connection

Eric Massa was quoted in a syndicated story about John Murtha's surge of popularity.  According to Massa, Murtha received a racous standing "O" at a funraiser for Massa in New York City on August 9.

Murtha has been appearing at fundraisers and will go on the road after Labor Day for "four dozen" Democratic candidates.  There's no news yet on a visit to the 29th.

Massa has been actively supporting Murtha, most recently by traveling to Pennsylvania to speak out against an attempted "swiftboating" campaign.  Judging from Murtha's willingness to travel widely outside of his district before election day, that campaign hasn't gotten any traction.


It's an interesting form of Swift Boating since there's no way they can win the seat. They're trying to destroy his credibility, the way they did, to some extent, with Howard Dean's.