Massa Does Kuhl's Press

The Cheney fundraiser story just keeps getting stranger.  Both the AP and Gannett are running stories based on a Massa campaign press release, as are the Rochester D&C and local TV and radio outlets.

Both Kuhl and the Vice-President's office were caught off guard.  The Kuhl campaign made no comment and referred questions to Cheney's office, which initially denied but later confirmed the visit.

Massa's pre-emptive strike has Kuhl looking like he wanted to keep Cheney's $1000 photo-op and $250-plate fundraiser on the DL.  You know you've invited the wrong person to town when your opponent is more excited about the visit than you are.


Do you know who foots the bill for Cheney's travel to/from Rochester?

The invitation says "Paid for by the Kuhl Campaign."

Ultimately the taxpayer pays because, IIRC, campaign trips by sitting office holders don't bill back the security, cost of private plane, etc. Instead there's some formula that determines how much the trip "costs" the campaign.