Massa's Response to the Kuhl Ads

The Massa campaign has posted a detailed response to the Kuhl ads.  They make the obvious point that they have no control over MoveOn, and that they want to stick to an issues-based campaign, without personal attacks.   

The response also lists the debate invitations that have been made so far, and says that the Kuhl campaign has backed away from all of them, including the challenge that Kuhl made in July.  Debates are looking very unlikely at this point in the campaign.


Kuhl's backing away from the challenge he himself made? That's strange.

I can only conclude that he is unable/afraid to defend his voting record in Congress. Chickenhawk Randy. A tough talker, but running scared when push comes to shove.

I was also surprised that even the anemic debate Kuhl wanted won't happen. Kuhl looks like he's going to follow the classic incumbent strategy of not engaging straight down the line.

I'm not sure it's fair to call Randy a "tough talker". His comments about Iraq were mostly about the lobster tail the soldiers were eating and how peaceful it looked as you were flying over.