Hillary's $10 Million

Hillary Clinton spent $10.1 million in the last quarter, $7 million of that in the last month alone, the most of any Senate candidate.  Much of that money is going to a "get-out-the-vote operation that we think is going to work for Democratic candidates throughout the state," according to her spokeswoman.  I posted about her GOTV effort earlier.  This is evidence that it is real.


Spitzer just sent something out about helping local Congressmen too.

We'll see what the coatail effect is here. My two cents: it will be good for a point or two, but probably not much more. On the other hand, those who say that there's a complacency risk here are out of their minds: obviously, more people will show up to vote Hillary/Spitzer than Spencer/Faso.

It will be interesting to see the vaunted 72 hour strategy go up against the Clinton machine. It will be like a steel cage grudge match.