Hitting Up the True Believers

The church I attended as a kid issued two kinds of collection envelopes. There were white ones for every Sunday, and a few brightly colored ones for special occasions.  If the bishop, or the starving kids in Africa, needed some extra cash, they'd get it in a mint green or blaze orange envelope from the true believers.

If only it were that easy for politicians.  Instead of spending a few cents and getting big bucks in return, the candidates in the 29th have to truck in political celebrities to motivate their core faithful. 

The Massa campaign's big name last week was Joseph Wilson, Valerie Plame's husband.  Tonight, Massa's in New York City at a fundraiser [pdf] with Nancy Pelosi.  Not to be outdone, the Kuhl campaign will take part in an event featuring Laura Bush sometime this week.  (Update:  The Bush event is a meet-and-greet on 10/28 in Greece, NY with Kuhl, Jim Walsh (NY-25) and Tom Reynolds (NY-26).)