Kuhl Negative Ads and Push Polls?

The Massa campaign is saying that a new Kuhl ad is out, and that Kuhl is push-polling.  The ad apparently says that Massa wants to raise taxes.  I haven't seen it, but  I'll post a link and analysis as soon as Kuhl posts it on his site, or someone puts it on YouTube.

A Penfield resident (and Massa supporter) is the source for information about the poll, which claimed that Massa would oppose raising defense spending and sending the National Guard to protect the borders.   The Kuhl campaign denies the push-polling.

(Sorry for the confusion and update - the original story wasn't clear.)


I heard the Faso-Spitzer debates. Faso said that Spitzer will raise taxes. How? By having a nickle deposit on water bottles. They will say anything, and not explain it. By the way, I thought that the candidates had to "Approve" each commerical. The one that Faso has out about Spitzer and the taxes is lacking that 'approval'

I think the approval requirement is a federal one.