Kuhl Raises $223K in 5 Weeks

Randy Kuhl's new money numbers have just been posted. He raised $90K from individuals and $133K from PACs in the period from August 23 to September 30. That's about $80K less than Massa raised in the same period.

The Cheney fundraiser on September 29th is included in this period. Media reports estimated its take at between $125K and $200K. That event must have fallen far short of expectations.

Kuhl still has an impressive lead in cash on hand, holding steady at $550K.


And he's going to use every last cent. Kuhl--55; Massa, maybe 45.

Hmm, seems like a small change in position, OG. If Kuhl gets 55, how does Massa get "maybe" 45? Is there a grassroots write-in campaign I don't know about?