Kuhl's Mailer

The Rural Patriot has posted a thorough analysis of a Kuhl mailer.  The theme, like his recent ad campaign, is taxes.  The tagline is "Eric Massa must think money grows on trees."  Along with Massa's recent hide-and-seek ad, which featured kids hiding behind trees, the negative campaigning in the 29th has taken on a distinctly arborial flavor.

The Patriot has also unearthed Massa's MyDD post upon which the whole Kuhl "he'll raise taxes" claim is based.  It looks like the claim is based on Massa's desire to repeal the tax cuts for the top 1%, though I don't know how Kuhl gets an average of $2,000 per person in additional taxes for the 29th, a district where the average per-capita income is $21,255.


Thank you for the mention. When I read this particular print ad, I knew that it was ripe for deconstructing. I am familiar with both Massa's and Kuhl's positions on issues, and it was evident that this ad didn't ring true.

I thought that Kuhl told the audience at one of the debates that he doesn't and won't engage in negative campaigning. He didn't keep that promise very long, did he?