Massa's New Ad

Eric Massa's new TV ad begins with the statement that he

chose to raise my family in upstate New York, just like you.  My family is overtaxed and underserved by government, just like yours.  It's wrong that professional politicians mismanaged the war, and now our troops are paying the price.

The "professional politicians" line is delivered over a shot of Kuhl and Bush juxtaposed with pictures of Cheney and Rumsfeld.  The ad quickly switches to shots of vets and their families:

I believe that we, as a grateful nation, should ensure that our troops, veterans and their families should have what they need. It's time we should do more than just wish for a better life, we should vote for one.

It's interesting (and refreshing) that both candidates have returned to positive ads after fielding negative ones.  No YouTube yet - I'll post it when it's available.  Video after the break:


The first call on the WHAM interview last Sunday was a negative response to his last Ad. I think he handled it well, explaining why he had to do it, then told the caller that a new, more positive one was coming out soon. He then went on and told her about his position on accepting money from Corporation PACs. That made her feel better about him.
My wife didn't like the way he used kids in the last ad. My complain was the written statements about Kuhl were not on the screen long enough to read and understand.

It was odd to see Kuhl's ad about how Massa will raise your taxes and the age of Social Security right before Tom Reynolds' Ad accusing Jack Davis on the same points. The Republicans do stick to their talking points.

I have a feeling that the "hiding ad" was poorly received by supporters and didn't see a lot of airtime. This new ad addresses the charges that have been leveled against Massa (tax-lover, carpetbagger) and then puts out the "vote for change" message. The tone and tenor of the ad is definitely positive.