Massa's New Ads

Eric Massa has new television and radio spots out.  The TV ad features kids playing hide-and-seek, and says that it's time for Kuhl to stop hiding behind negative ads.  Over the video of kids playing,  Kuhl's votes against homeland security and increasing funding for vets, and a vote against funding Walter Reed Hospital, are listed.

The radio ad features quotes from Maj Gen (ret) John Batiste, "I tell you...Randy Kuhl -- this guy needs to go.  He's not informed, he doesn't have moral courage. That's not the kind of leadership we need in Washington right now." 

Video and audio links below:

Here's the mp3 of the radio ad. 


Interesting ad but Kuhl's are better. Your coverage is terrific of this race.
Thank you!

The TV ad didn't do much for me. I thought the radio ad was quite good.

Bad, bad move going negative! Doesn't sell in this district, and if Massa had stuck to the positive, explaining his goals and policies, the mud would have stuck to Kuhl.