Rochesterturning is reporting that a new RNC National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC)  attack ad is running in the Corning area.  Apparently the subject is Social Security, and the images involve old ladies in the cross-hairs.   (Update:  NRCC, not RNC.  Video after the break.)


This is shameful, since originally Randy was right on board w/the Bush plans for Social Security. Kuhl has lost the veteran vote and, really, the only large(r) group--particuarly in the southern part of the district--is retirees and those approaching. This is A BIG VOTING BLOC DOWN HERE. Massa better strike back or I'll up my prediction, reluctantly, to Kuhl: 57 per cent.

According to another comment, the Massa campaign is preparing a response. Note, too, that they have the money to do it.

Massa should BUY air- and radio-time to slam this guy for distorting the Social Security issue. Isnt it usually the Democrats who are claimed to be scaring seniors that their GOP opponents are going to rob them of Social Security? Kuhl may win the senior vote withthis distortion and carry the day. Hit back withthe truth!