No National Money - Yet

The Republican Congressional Campaign Committee (RCCC) has spent $47 million on advertising in Congressional races in the last 6 weeks. Congressional Quarterly has a rundown [pdf] of spending from early September to October 19, and here is today's additional $8 million spent. None of it was spent for Kuhl or against Massa.

The Democrats aren't spending in the 29th, either. At the moment, they've limited their ad buys to an effort to lock in a 15-seat shift in Congress.

Judging from the money trail, Republicans are spending to shore up weak seats, and Kuhl isn't vulnerable enough to trigger an investment. The Democrats are throwing down on turnovers, and the 29th is too big a gamble for them to place a bet. Kuhl and Massa are on their own, and 29th voters have so far been spared from a spate of party-funded negative ads.


I'm not sure Massa or Kuhl needs the money. Massa just broke the $1 million mark, putting him in the top 30 of all challengers -- Kuhl has even more money. And this is a cheap market.

That said, I'm not sure Gillibrand in NY-20 needs it either

Agreed - I don't think third-party ads are needed. And a lot of the third-party intervention is so ham-fisted that it probably hurts as much as it helps.