Pre-General Money Numbers

The FEC has just posted the pre-general election filing summaries for both campaigns. Kuhl's shows that he raised an anemic $65K in the 18 days since the last filing.  Massa raised $171K in the same period, maintaining his $60K per week clip.  Massa's fundraising total is within $145K of Kuhl's.

More importantly, for the first time Massa has more cash on hand than Kuhl:  $341K vs $232K.  Kuhl made a couple of huge media buys in this period, which might reflect some pre-paid ads that are still running, but the fact remains that the Massa campaign had more cash on hand last week and continues to significantly out-raise Kuhl.

Massa has raised $800K of his total from individuals.  $813K of Kuhl's total is from PACs.