Tonight's Debate

The Elmira and Corning papers are running debate preview stories this morning.  Both are examples of the kind of lazy formulaic claptrap that passes for local political journalism.

The Star-Gazette story is a "man on the street", an amalgam of ill-informed quotes used to argue that voters really care about the economy and taxes, not war and terrorism.  Never mind that the other Gannett paper in the 29th just published a poll where 82% said the war will play a major or minor role in their vote.   I think I'll trust that poll over the feelings of the first five strangers some reporter bumped into an hour before deadline.  Even though Elmira and Rochester are different, they're not 82% different.

The Corning Gazette piece is actually a little better, though it begins with a pure TFP line:

U.S. Rep. John R. Kuhl Jr., and his Democratic challenger Eric Massa will likely trade barbs...

Those fucking politicians - why must they always be trading nasty barbs?  Can't they trade something less sharp and pointy, like baseball cards or beanie babies?


Believe it or not, our part of this district DOES have internet access! Has anyone in Corning followed the Coring Leader's coverage by political columnist Bob Rolfe? He actually 'endorsed' Massa months ago. What has he had to say about the race, if anything. My prediction? I hate to say it but agree that it will be Kuhl 55% and Eric a respectale 45.