Truth Squad on the Kuhl Ad

The Rural Patriot's latest post links to WETM's "truth squad" investigation of Kuhl's latest ad.   Their political consultant, Stephen Coleman, pointed out that Kuhl's claims are based on Massa's stated desire for tax reform.  According to Coleman, "That interpretation is from the political twilight zone."

Also, since I've been critical of the media lately, I have to acknowledge that the "truth squad" pieces aired in the 29th have been pretty good.


This is what happens when blogs become considered part of the mainstream. Randy was able to use unscripted statements that Mr. Massa made on the myDD site and has been able to turn it on him. Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

For one, I like the fact that Mr. Massa speaks his mind on the blogs and tells me what he thinks. But the other, the unscripted nature of his blogging opens himself up to potential attacks, much like people complain about legislators who have a track record that can define them on particular issues.

Will Mr. Massa's plan raise taxes? More than likely on that very small percentage of people who actually will be impacted. But is the statement false? Is the source credible?

The comments we are having on the other post lead exactly to this issue. How credible is something someone says (whether by Mr. Massa or a supporter) unscripted, unrefined, in a blog, in defining the position of a candidate? Is it a true measure of the candidate or is it another form of political campaigning?

I don't read myDD - do you have a link to Massa's comments, so we can all take a look and see if we think they imply he'll raise taxes?

I tried to use google to search myDD and all I could get (that was directly attributable to Mr. Massa) is only found at:

Unfortunately, google does not help as well as I would like, so I do not know which post Randy is using to argue his point. In some way, it is interesting that he used the myDD as the source material for his attack ad.

Why doesn't Randy Kuhl look at us (the camera) when he talks to us? This happens in the 'attack-ad' and in the the 'I brought in about $250 million for the district" ad. In that ad he is looking out the car window. It might not be very important, but it is done for a reason.

and when did Rep. Kuhl change his mind on all-important stem cell research? How I wish Massa would just slam-slam-slam him on this.

Rich - I assume some media consultant thought it would project a more casual, less confrontational air.

Pepper - was that in the debate? I missed it and it hasn't been posted yet.