Ad Tweaks and Internet Ads

Reader Rich writes to report that he saw a slightly altered version of the RNCC "Sniper" ad.  Instead of a the crosshairs of a rifle scope, the ad showed "pictures and a dart".   No video has been posted of the altered ad.

The Massa campaign's media firm has posted a slightly altered version of the "Kuhl's a liar" ad.  This version doesn't contain the shot of the WETM newswoman that caused WETM to pull the ad.  It also says it was approved by Massa but sponsored by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which indicates that the DCCC might be spending on ads in the 29th.  That would be a "coordinated" rather than an "independent" expenditure, and if so, it hasn't been posted yet by the FEC.

Majority Action, an independent action group, has posted an Internet-only ad in opposition to Randy Kuhl's position on stem cells.   Both the Majority action ad and the new Massa ad can be seen after the break:

New Massa Ad:

Stem Cell Ad:


that is some stem cell ad!