All Kinds of Ads

Rochesterturning reports that the New York State Republican Party is distributing mailers that feature the picture of a terrorist and the slogan

Democrats are More Concerned with Protecting the Rights of Terrorists than Protecting the Lives of Americans

Classy, yet understated.

The Kuhl campaign is running two new ads.  One is a remix of the attacks on Massa, and it claims that he'll raise taxes and cut Social Security benefits.  I saw it last night, but it hasn't hit YouTube.   The second ad is an endorsement by State Senator Kathy Young, and you can view it after the break.


The Kathy Young ad is also on the radio. Personally, i think Eric's best ad is the one with Eliot Spitzer.

So do I. Massa looks decent, his head isn't jyrating as he talks and he actually smiles. The pair look great together. I'm still betting Kuhl at 55 per cent but of course I live in Yates.

I am starting to think the Massa People will at least hold the Democrat registration line on Tuesday which,in the bigger scheme of things, will be a real plus district-wide. This is a great ad and I am proud of him.