New Ads

The Working Families Party has posted pdfs of three mailers sent (on 10/30, 11/2 and 11/3) in support of Eric Massa.

Massa has a new ad on Social Security - it's a "positive/negative" or "pivot" ad.  It starts with photos of FDR, and Massa saying that he intends to keep FDR's Social Security promise: "I won't cut taxes or raise benefits on Social Security, and Randy Kuhl knows it."  At the mention of Kuhl's name, there's a brief cut to black-and-white and a picture of Kuhl, but after making the point that Kuhl sponsored a bill to privatize Social Security, we're back in cheerful, colorful Massa-land.  Video after the break:


This is A GREAT ad. Massa really really takes the high road here. The photo treatment of Randy is almost over-the-top. He looks like Satan brought to life. On the other hand, with the mean-spirited and kind of evil mailings which have gone out against Massa from his campaign----he deserves it!

The Working Families mailings are sharp-looking and effective, too. Thanks for posting all of this.