I'm still drinking Bloody Marys and popping aspirin like popcorn, but my election hangover is dissapating quicker than Eric Massa's hopes for a seat in the 110th Congress. So I'm ready to "process", as the shrinks say.

I'm going to break this process into three parts: the Kuhl campaign, the Massa campaign and what the future holds for the 29th. There will be something to offend everyone in these posts, so stay tuned.


I really was looking forward to someone offending me today. Thanks!

Sorry to disappoint, it probably won't be today. I'm too busy reading election law.

But, I can email you a generic insult if you wish.

I'll be interested to see what you think the Massa campaign could have done differently to have possibly changed the outcome. I read somwhere that the GOP congressmen that won in NYS did so because they kept the discussion away from National issues, i.e.the war, and focused on local issues. This is the strategy the Kuhl folks used and it apparently worked. But the overriding factor in my view is the district is strongly republican,especially in the rural parts and you can't ignore that. Massa didn't bring enough GOP voters over to his side.