Night Moves

Today's New York Times reports that lobbyists recently paid for Randy Kuhl to attend a Bob Seger concert. To skirt the new House rules on lobbyist-funded gifts, Kuhl held a "fundraiser" at the concert and charged $2,500 for two tickets.

According to the Times, these types of fundraisers are usually held by the lawmaker's leadership PAC, which has fewer restrictions on accepting gifts for personal use. I wasn't aware that Kuhl had a leadership PAC, and FEC disclosure rules make finding leadership PACs difficult. I'll be on the hunt for the disclosure for this expenditure as well as for Kuhl's leadership PAC, if it exists.

Obviously, these kind of fundraisers are political dynamite, and Kuhl's judgment in holding it is suspect.


That guy!....Boy oh boy.....

"Night Moves" -- that's being generous, it's actually a decent song. How about that awful "Like A Rock" song that Chevy has used in commercials since the early 50s?

It's been replaced now by the only slightly less awful "This Is Our Country" song, as those of you watch the NFL on tv no doubt know.

My first headline idea was "Who's Gonna Tell Poor Aunt Sarah?"

2 Tickets? Does he have a girl friend?

I think one's for him and one's for the lobbyist, but it wasn't clear from the story.

My first headline idea was "Who's Gonna Tell Poor Aunt Sarah?"

I can't top that; even "Kathmandu", "Hollywood Nights", and "They Love To Watch Her Strut" can't compete.

There's a good discussion of the Aunt Sarah song (called "Fire Lake") here.

Some real top-notch all-caps comments.

God, I'm a loser.