Bowling Alley Bail Out

Randy Kuhl's office announced that the Roseland Bowl, a bowling alley in Canandaigua, will receive a $2.5 million loan guarantee from the US Department of Agriculture. The loan was part of the USDA rural development program, and allowed the bowling alley to restructure debt to save interest costs.


Great catch Rottenchester!

Now we know Kuhl is not just full of pork, but manure as well.

Excellent credit rating, 8.45% 25-year mortgage with CNB, 2.5 million USDA guarantee, 36 employees: Randy and Patrick H Brennan (USDA NY) have made a lot of people happy and so far it hasn't cost the taxpayers a cent.

Vincent - right as usual. This is an good example of how MOC's make their constituents happy and get re-elected.