New Anti-Kuhl War Ad

Americans United for Change, the same group that financed anti-Kuhl radio spots last month, has produced a new ad attacking Kuhl for his Iraq War voting record. The 30-second spot, which will begin airing this week, details the number of dead and wounded in Iraq, shows a picture of Kuhl and President Bush, and ends with the tagline "Tell Randy Kuhl: after four years, it's time to end the war."

Kuhl is one of six Republicans targeted by the ad campaign. The others are Mary Bono (CA-45), Dean Heller (NV-2), Tim Johnson (IL-15), Jim Walsh (NY-25), and Heather Wilson (NM-1).

Video after the break:


We saw the ad tonight at newstime--I think it was on Channel 8. My wife, who didn't have an idea it was coming, was very pleasantly surprised. We thought it was better done than the MoveOn.Org ads from last fall.

Kuhl has another round of Town Meetings set--I got my card today. I see he is planning an hour in Farmington (Only 30 minutes in my Town of Milo). Is Farmington the meeting to go to?

I agree with you and your wife on the ad. The presentation was not as cliche and shrill as the MoveOn ad, and the content didn't contain any mistakes about Kuhl's voting record.

This is an effective ad and yes, much less shrill. I love this site. Thank you from the Southern Tier.