New Batiste Ad has launched a $500K ad campaign featuring retired generals critical of the war in Iraq. Randy Kuhl is one of the legislators targeted by the campaign. The first ad in the campaign, included after the break, is by Maj Gen (Ret) John Batiste. Batiste was highly critical of Kuhl in the 2006 campaign, and Eric Massa used Batiste's remarks in anti-Kuhl ads.

VoteVet's rationale for targeting Kuhl is that he is "very close to breaking with the President on Iraq". The local version of the ad will mention Kuhl's name and end with the tagline "Protect America, Not George Bush".

Rochesterturning calls this "big news". I agree.


I don't see this ad as being too important for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that we have become very skeptical nation and many people will question the motivation behind the general's making the ad, just as many people are skeptical of the field commanders saying that a surge could work. It will get the democrats excited, but won't do much for anyone else. The other problem is that this ad is running way too far ahead of time

I agree that there's a lot of skepticism, and that some will question Batiste's motives. But he's pretty much a straight shooter, from what I've seen, and since this is a coordinated campaign by a number of generals, questioning the motives of one still won't blunt the impact of the campaign.

As for timing, I think that the political landscape is changing, and the timing is actually pretty good. I'll post about that soon.