Slaughter and Nachbar

Exile of Rochesterturning reports on his conversations with regional Democratic leaders about the Nachbar candidacy. He believes that Louise Slaughter will not officially endorse Nachbar for the 2008 race, and that most of the town and county Democratic committees will publicly support Massa. My sources aren't as numerous as Exile's, but a source that I trust has also reported that Slaughter will not endorse Nachbar this time around.

Exile mentions that he started getting DCCC press releases around the time of Nachbar's announcement, and speculates whether Nachbar is their candidate, since he's using a PR firm with ties to Rahm Emmanuel, the DCCC chair. I don't know about the PR firm, but I've also been receiving those press releases, which are formulaic, low-quality efforts.


Am I the only one who is getting tired of Slaughter? She has done virtually nothing in her 20 years in Congress to help this area. She ignored the Monroe Cty Dem Party when it was on the ropes and never gave them a dime even when she had tons of her own campaign cash and no opponent. Bill Johnson could never get the time of day with her and then she asked to go into the black churches every 2 years (in time for her election) to look good. Enough of her -- primary, anyone?

My general impression is that Slaughter is widely admired in her district. It's her perceived meddling in the politics of the 29th, which are quite different from those of urban Rochester, that's caused the frustration.

I really think that you are being too harsh on Slaughter. In my experience she has gone above and beyond for her constituents in terms of service and casework. I must also hasten to remind people that there has never been an official word on Slaughter about Nachbar and that opening up on her is not only premature, but unwarranted and frankly unproductive.

You might be right - especially if the non-endorsement rumors are true.

Even if the endorsement rumors are true, that doesn't change the basic facts. Slaughter is easily one of the most diligent, responsible and hard-working Congress-critters in this or any other state. You don't get to be the first woman Chairperson of the Rules Committee without that being the case.

I'm not thrilled by the idea of her endorsing Nachbar, and if she does, she'll rightfully get some heat put on her. But to attack her as a "do nothing" is just flat-out preposterous.