I Get an Anti-War Robo Call

I received an anti-war call from the "Campaign to Defend America", which is the working name for the Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, a MoveOn/Labor coalition. Text after the break:

This is a message from the Campaign to Defend America. I'm John Bruhns, an Iraq War Veteran. On July 12, your Congressman, Randy Kuhl, voted against bringing our troops home. According to Bush and Cheney, Al Qaeda is now more dangerous than ever. Your congressman, Randy Kuhl is wrong on Iraq, and wrong on terrorism. 3,000 soldiers dead, 10,000 disfigured, in a war that's costing $10 billion a month. Now, terrorism, and the War in Iraq are worse than ever. Call Congressman Kuhl at 607-776-9142 and tell him to change his vote on Iraq. We need to protect America first, instead of Iraqi politicians.

The number in the ad is for Kuhl's Bath office, even though I'm much closer to his Fairport office.


Sorry I haven't been around in a while. I just started doing a little volunteer work with this group. They do have some little organizational issues as they have a local person, Cyril, who is working his ass off. But there are also the national folks who I'm guessing are responsible for the robo-calls. I hate Robo calls I wish they would stop doing that stuff.

Oh but if you want, We'll be at the Grassroots festival in Trumansburgh this weekend, its a great event anyway, if ya happen to be going stop by and say hello. If its a overweight young guy with big-ass side burns, thats me. Call me Kilgore and I'll look at you funny for a sec then laugh and I'll tell you my real name.

Have a good one.

Thanks, Kilgore. I agree that the robo calls probably mainly annoy people.