Kuhl Numbers Out - Massa Beats Kuhl

Randy Kuhl's fundraising numbers have been posted by the FEC. During the second quarter, Kuhl raised $68K, $62K of which was from corporate, labor and party-related Political Action Committees (PACs).

Eric Massa raised $158K this quarter. $133K of that total was raised from individuals, the rest from labor and party-related PACs. Massa does not accept corporate PAC donations.

Massa's fundraising totals give him about $50K more cash-on-hand ($153K vs $105K for Kuhl), though Massa's campaign owes $78K. David Nachbar has the most cash on hand of any candidate ($202K) because of his personal loan to his campaign.


this basicaly shows that kuhl is an awful fundraiser. if the democrats start bashing kuhl now and drive his negative numbers higher it will force kuhl to start spending his money, and he will be broke in no time soon. His $1200 a month car payments and $14 car washes will deplete his money soon enough before he has money for tv ads to rebut.

If someone would start pounding Kuhl away now, that would cause him to spend money, the raise would be over in 4 weeks.

I agree that Kuhl's results aren't that impressive, but remember that he won't have to spend money in a primary. Massa is raising money for two races, Kuhl for one.

People have short memories. Pounding Kuhl now would only help drain Massa's funds and Nachbar would be seen as taking the high road. There's a ton of time left between now and the election.

Wow. Randy sure has Corning, Inc. in his pocket. Or vice-versa. On the other hand, Corning, Inc. has "made" that town and keeps it going. Thank goodness they exist and are such good community citizens.