Kuhl's Numbers in Context

The conservative blog Real Clear Politics has an overview of the second quarter fundraising numbers, and Randy Kuhl merits special mention for his anemic showing. Kuhl is one of 20 incumbents on the Republican National Congressional Committee's (RNCC) Regain Our Majority Program (ROMP) list. Of those 20, Kuhl ranked dead last in fundraising. The top ROMP list member raised $800K this quarter - an order of magnitude more than Kuhl.


To me what is important, besides Kuhl being last on the money list, is the concept that Nachbar's $$$ is "setting up a potentially bruising primary."

Absolutely. A "bruising primary" means that Massa will spend a good part of what he's raised in a fight with Nachbar. Kuhl may not have to raise as much cash as Massa if Massa is running two campaigns versus Kuhl's one.