Money in the Media

Today's Elmira Star-Gazette and yesterday's Democrat and Chronicle carry a Gannett News Service story about fundraising in the 29th. Other than the numbers reported here earlier, the story also reports that Massa's honorary campaign chair is Edgar Bronfman, Sr., former chairman of Seagram's and major Democratic donor.


Wow, Massa may not take Corporate PAC money but he certainly does take a lot from Corporate DC lobbyistsn and New York Cityzens... who are paid nice fat salaries so they can give to candidates.

One of them is MZM, the defense contractor that is famous for bribing Duke Cunningham, a decorated war veteran (not the fitness officer on a ship) and the most disgraced Congressman in history for accepting $2.5 million in bribes.

Just saying, if you're going to point out RJR Reynolds, of which Kuhl is a rabid anti-smoker as his State Senate record shows, ya gotta look at the other side of the coin...

And I see that he takes cash from Dan Abraham, friend of the PLO and founder of SlimFast... I would imagine that Massa doesn't take the money because he likes the product.

Hmmm...there must have been a special on haterade down in DC today, Erik. It's interesting that you self-identify as a veteran, yet are quick to slur Massa's service. As you know, Massa is a combat veteran. He served on the USS New Jersey off the coast of Lebanon.

Your cherry picking of Massa's campaign report (which is questionable, since nobody identified as an MZM employee donated this cycle or last) doesn't change the primary point: donations by a large group of individuals are less likely to have influence than donations by a smaller number of corporations. When you're reliant on a lot of $250 or $500 donations from real people, then you're less likely to do something to upset that larger group of people. That underlying fact still pokes out behind your smokescreen of ad hominem and tenuous connections.