If you're reading this entry, you've reached the Fighting 29th on a new server. I've moved the blog and upgraded the version of blogging software. There are a couple of changes:

  • The look is slightly different.
  • The comment block is hidden, and you need to click "comment anonymously" to reveal it.  Or, you can sign in using an OpenID, Livejournal or Typekey account to leave comments.  If you don't have one of those accounts, don't worry -- just sign in anonymously.
If you have any problems viewing or commenting on the blog, please drop me a comment or an email.

This should be a minor upgrade.  I have a bigger announcement to make soon.  Stay tuned.


a more major announcement? Please please PLEASE don't say you are folding your tent. This blog is informative, comprehensive and fun, too. thanks for your good work.

Keep it rolling. You are a SOURCE for all of us.

No, I'm still going to push this rock up the hill. Announcement soon.

Y A Y !