Drivers' Licenses and Gay Rights

Randy Kuhl was one of four Republicans on the House Education and Labor Committee to vote in favor of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which prevents discrimination against employees on the basis of sexual orientation.  The current version of ENDA, HR 3685, is the subject of controversy because it lacks protection for transgendered employees, though it covers gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals.  ENDA is under veto threat from the White House because some of its provisions could be construed to give a federal stamp of approval to gay marriage.  Supporters of the bill say that the provision in question only says that marriage cannot be a condition of employment in states where gays and lesbians can't get married.   The Washington Blade has an in-depth story.

WENY, Channel 36 has a story about Randy Kuhl and Eric Massa's positions on issuing drivers licenses to illegal immigrants.  Both oppose it.  WENY has also posted the story on YouTube, and it can be seen after the break.  It's good to see a local TV station embracing YouTube.  Many stations keep their video in a "walled garden" so they can force viewers to watch an advertisement first.


Bill Cosby called. He wants his sweater back.

I am so proud of Randy for voting in favor of the non-discrimination bill. Now THIS is a story AND a signal of evolution (thank God). Those of us in Steuben County remember--this was probably 12 years ago--when he made a ridiculously ignorant, and probably just clumsy rather than malicious comment, about gays. It was something which his GOP opponent resurrected a few years back: Saying that, unlike Italians who 'can't help it,' gays choose their identity' or to that effect. Believe me, he took a remarkable hitting in the press--even and in fact PARTICULARLY in supposed 'rural and backward' Steuben--for his foolishness. So--on THIS vote--I am mighty proud of him.

Exile: I think he needs to destroy that sweater.

Pepper: I agree that this vote was something Randy did out of old-fashioned common decency. I see no political upside in it for him.

My hunch is that (a) the coverage within the past six months by the "Star-Gazette" of an assault (I think fatal; honestly cannot remember) of a young gay man in Elmira has raised his thinking and/or (b) the fact that he has three sons, each of whom presumably is intelligent and, despite their political leanings, likely have been exposed at college, etc. by some broad-minded, contemporary thinking about issues like this. Anyway, I am proud of Randy!!!