Money Followup

As noted in Rochesterturning, Massa raised the most of any challenger in the Western New York Congressional races, and Kuhl raised the least of any incumbent.   That said, everyone's raising significant cash, especially considering that we're thirteen months away from the 2008 election.  This means that the Rochester media market, which is an important one for the 25th, 26th and 29th districts, will be saturated with advertising a year from now.   Since 2008 is also a presidential year, I assume that a major canvassing and get-out-the-vote effort will complement the massive advertising blitz.

Based on Massa's plan to raise $3 million, the likelihood that Kuhl will match Massa's fundraising, and the involvement of third parties, the 29th may see $6-8 million spent on the 2008 race.   Since the Massa campaign makes much of Kuhl's corporate donations, and the Kuhl campaign likes to ding Massa for raising money from out-of-state liberals, money will probably become a major issue in next year's campaign.  

In other money news, today's Elmira Star-Gazette carries the Gannett News Service story on the 29th's money race.