An Afternoon of S-CHIP

Today's Buffalo News has two editorial items that are directly or peripherally related to S-CHIP.  The first is an editorial column about the President's decision to veto the bill.

The second item is an op-ed by an American Lung Association official, and though it's not specifically about S-CHIP, it's interesting in light of the charge that Kuhl opposes S-CHIP because of donations from the tobacco lobby.  The op-ed challenges Kuhl to support HR 1108, which would put the Food and Drug Administration in charge of regulating the sale of cigarettes.  The bill is co-sponsored by 204 House members, including 24 from New York.

The Democrat and Chronicle Political Blog posted yet another Americans United anti-Kuhl S-CHIP ad.  The theme of the ad is "What if it was your child, Congressman Kuhl?" Video after the break: