Unsafe Products Robo-Call

I received the following robo-call earlier this week.

Hello.  This is a call from American Family Voices,  202-293-1128.   Congressman Randy Kuhl has allowed China to import unsafe products to our nation by underfunding our inspection agencies and allowing corporations from around the world to import goods to America without proper oversight.  Pet foods that harm pets.  Toothpaste that contains antifreeze.  Even children's toys that use lead paint.  While our trade deficit soars, and the holiday season approaches, Congressman Kuhl's unsafe products keep coming in from China.  This is dangerous, and it's costing us thousands of middle-class jobs and putting our children at risk.  Call Congressman Kuhl at 607-776-9142 and tell him to put America first.
This is the third set of robo-calls from this group.  S-CHIP and possible war with Iran were the subjects of earlier robo-calls.  According to the non-partisan Public Citizen organization, American Family Voices is a 501(c)(4) funded mainly by AFSCME