Florida and Western New York

If you think that a Rudy Guliani candidacy would have excited Western New York Republicans and brought more of them to the polls in the Fall, then Randy Kuhl's election just got a little bit tougher.  I don't think that Rudy would have had much in the way of coattails, so it's probably a wash.

Back in the cold, windy North, farmers are worrying about the farm bill, which is stuck in the Senate.

Members of Congress spend most of their time in committee, yet there's little press coverage of most committee hearings.  This seems like an ideal opportunity for specialist blogging.  Here's an example of a blogger who wrote about a House Education and Labor hearing attended by Randy Kuhl.  The topic was the Americans with Disabilities Act.


Another example of Randy's strategy of blaming the Democrats for not getting things done, while the Republicans alternately insist on the the White House version of any bill and try to run out the clock. The argument that, "at least we got things done," begs the question that what the Republican Congress got done was beneficial for the country.

Yep. We're looking at another "throw the bums out" election, and Kuhl's focus on gridlock is running the risk that voters will conclude that he's one of the bums.