Kuhl S-CHIP Mailer

Today I received a glossy, one-page mailer [pdf] from Randy Kuhl. The mailer has one purpose: to emphasize Kuhl's "Yes" vote on the S-CHIP extension. Under Kuhl's picture, the words "I VOTED YES" are repeated three times. The mailer was sent using Kuhl's franking privilege.


I compare his flashy flyer with the black and white lists of legislative accomplishments that he sent out as State Senator. NYS law must restrict this sort of free ride for incumbents.

Senator Winner, who succeeded Randy, also uses letters to the editor freely and mails out the plain list of accomplishments. Winner's letters to the editor and his cover letters tend to be issue-, rather than me-oriented, leaving the impression of a public servant rather than that of a professional politician.

It's campaign literature, pure and simple. It's definitely contrary to the intent of the franking privilege, though I'm sure it is within the technical limits.