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Randy Kuhl is a little uncomfortable with a stimulus package that gives money to those who actually might spend it, according to this article in the Jamestown paper.

Americans United for Change, the union-sponsored 501(c)(4) advocacy group responsible for anti-Kuhl S-CHIP ads last Fall, has a new mission.  They're spending $8.5 million on the Bush Legacy Project, which is an "effort to define Bush's legacy."  I can walk down any street in this country, put a couple of quarters into a newspaper vending machine, and pull out a newspaper that pretty clearly defines Bush's legacy:  a bloody war in Iraq, a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, a looming recession, and torture in the name of freedom.  Why a PAC would spend money on something the media is doing for free is beyond me.


I would think that Kuhl would be over-joyed to have voters receive $600 from the Government during campaign season.

Randy would of course rather see the money go to his friends, the small business owners. They own the minimum wage employees, the serfs, and they (the vassals) are the ones who pay for his campaigns and drum up support.

What are the "structural problems" our economy faces that I keep hearing about? Does that just mean the budget and trade deficits and rising health care costs? Are there others I'm not aware of? If there's just these three, couldn't people just name these three instead of referring to vague "structural problems"?

Exile: Good question - I assume that structural is in opposition to something else (non-structural?). I think it's shorthand for everything that a little consumer spending won't fix.

Vincent: I don't see why small business owners should get a triple dip. At the moment, they get a double: their rebate and the increased spending from their customers. No need for a special small-business rebate on top of that.

Rich: Don't worry, Randy will be bragging about how he voted for the stimulus package very soon.