SOTU Hangover and Other News

Randy Kuhl is quoted in a couple of WENY stories on the State of the Union and Bush's legacy:

The president's legacy depends a great deal on his ability to cooperate and work with on a cooperative basis with congress, he can't do it by himself.
Couldn't have said it better myself.

Also, Politico has a analysis of the future of New York Republicans in Congress, "Congressional NY GOP Dying Out".


I have never heard this before:
"While some Democrats privately speculate that 2006 might have been Massa’s high-water mark."

I am not too sure that many people buy into this, but it is interesting. The 29th is a very Republican District.

If I were a Democrat I would be worried about what is going on at the national level. The feud between Obama and Clinton is getting very nasty. If it gets worse, the loser's supporters may not be too motivated to get to the polls in November.

You didn't have to look too hard to see Kuhl at the State on the Union Speech last night. As the MSNBC announcers were saying that the people who sit on the aisle had to get there very early, there was Randy's head popping up. The Prez began shaking his hand. I can almost hear their conversation now, Prez to Randy; "So, this is your last State of the Union too, Randy. Hope you enjoy it." By this time the MSNBC guys were saying that some Republicans got there late so they wouldn't be seen with Bush.
After the Speech, Kuhl was also seen in the background as Bush was leaving.

Randy will be there next year shaking President Obama's hand. Hillary will be the one with the icy glare.

Elmer - I don't understand the high-water mark comment either. It doesn't seem very well-informed. Turnout will be higher in '08, maybe much higher considering that there's going to be a real interesting Presidential contest. Dems tend to do better in big turnout elections. Even though the 29th is a very Republican district, Massa has a fighting chance, everyone thinks it's going to be tight, and I'll be surprised if '06 is a high-water mark for him.

Rich - In your scenario, maybe Bush knows something about Randy's retirement that we don't?

I guess I was wrong. has the CNN feed and you can hear Randy saying, "Thanks for the ride...thanks for the memories." You can read whatever you want in there.
Next year it will be Massa saying, "Let's start the ride..."

The feud between Obama and Clinton is getting very nasty.

It's overblown in my opinion. Remember: in 2000, there was a genuinely nasty primary between McCain and Bush (I was living in an open primary state and voted for McCain, by the way) and McCain campaigned hard with Bush down the stretch.

While I haven't been thrilled with Bill Clinton's comments, I think it's good to see some hardball in the primary. Democrats are usually too kid glove in the primaries and not ready for the blood sport of the general -- 2004 being perhaps the ultimate case of this.

I hadn't hear the high water mark statement before either. It's (further) evidence to me of an institutional bias against Massa within the Democratic party.

I haven't commented on this as much as Rotten, but it speaks of a certain amount insiderism and hostility towards grassroots at high levels of the party. Personally, this bothers me a lot.

The ultimate earmark,2933,326346,00.html

This will help all the incumbents, be they Nancy Pelosi or Randy Kuhl.

And the best thing about it is that our children and grandchildren will pay the Chinese government for it after we're all long gone! Cheers all around.

Doesn't reflect well on either party. Trouble is most people will look on this as a good thing.