Brazil Trip Run Around

Rochester's WHAM (Channel 13) has a story about Kuhl's Brazil trip that highlights the run-around they've been getting from the different committees and offices that are supposed to be releasing information about the trip.  The story illustrates all the tricks of non-disclosure disclosure.  These include unclear responsibility, releasing documents in Washington DC on paper instead of via email or over the Internet, and refusal of the main actors to acknowledge a problem.

WHAM should feel good about the hard work they're doing to track down this story.  Even better, they let bloggers embed their stories, which I've done after the break:


Its funny how he sat down Kuhl for 30 minutes just to get that 1 quote about searching for the travel documents.

From the interview it seems that Kuhl is trying to back off from his not sure about running for reelection. He's probably learning that being cute in the State Senate doesn't really fly when you are a Congressman. It probably doesn't help that his fundraising has come to a standstill.

BTW, I am actualy surprised that the DCCC hasn't combed Randy's voting record in the State Senate about his previous votes for S-CHIP type programs.

Ha! The day that the DCCC does some real opposition research instead of re-packaging their generic talking points will be a red-letter day.