Wakey Wakey

The Democrat and Chronicle's first story about the 29th district this year gives us the timely news that Eric Massa raised more money than Randy Kuhl during the last reporting period.  Of course, every other media outlet in the 29th reported this two weeks ago, when the fundraising totals were actually released.

Next up for the D&C:  I hear this Obama guy is coming from behind, and McCain might just clinch the Republican nomination.  I think that story is scheduled for sometime in March.


Your love for the D&C is just amazing. Just think of it as better late than never!

Just think of it as better late than never!

That's the spirit! And the paper isn't half fluff, it's half news.

Leave Gannett alone - how do you expect them to have the resources to cover the news? Heck, their profits for 2007 just barely cleared one billion dollars? Maybe they could outsource this type of news coverage to Kentucky?

They could follow Reuters' lead and outsource it to India. That would save even more money.